Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa said

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canada goose store Bonaparte will continue to oversee the operations bureau.Assistant canada goose outlet us Special Agent in Charge Don Hibbert canada goose outlet in montreal took over the DEA’s field office in Baltimore after Tuggle’s departure in 2015. He said he has worked with and for Tuggle on two occasions once in the DEA’s Special Operations Division and later in Baltimore and called him “an experienced and proven law enforcement canada goose outlet kokemuksia executive who is familiar with the issues facing Baltimore.” He predicted that Tuggle will work well with the Police Department’s federal partners, including the DEA.”He’s born and raised here, canada goose outlet las vegas he knows the issues, and I think Commissioner De Sousa’s made an excellent choice,” Hibbert said.Tuggle’s hiring comes after a messy canada goose outlet trillium parka black start to De Sousa’s efforts to fill out the top ranks of his leadership team.Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa said Tuesday that the retiree whose appointment as deputy commissioner was halted last week by the leak of an internal and incorrect memo about complaints against him will not be taking the job.”Thomas Cassella and I have mutually agreed.De Sousa was named acting commissioner by Mayor Catherine Pugh in January, after she fired former Commissioner Kevin Davis. De Sousa was confirmed as the permanent commissioner this week.De Sousa had first announced top appointments early last month, including Bonaparte as deputy commissioner of support services and Thomas Cassella, a retired Baltimore police official, as deputy commissioner of operations.However, an internal document purporting to show sustained allegations against canada goose outlet online uk Cassella from earlier in his career was leaked, and De Sousa put that appointment on hold. canada goose store

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